Fake Disney Convos
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Fake Disney Convos

Anonymous I was wondering if there was a separate tumblr for the Disney princess convos?

not that i know of.

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xoxo-blakelively Hey!! How did you do that thing with the mouse? The "LOLOLOLOL" ? its awesome! and I love ur tumblr! :D Great job! keep going ;) & can you make a photo with Jigsaw and celebs? please? <3

The link I used for the cursor (http://tumblr-layouts.tumblr.com/text-around-cusor) does not work anymore. I don’t know how to get it now. Sowwy. :(

Who is Jigsaw? I feel dumb…

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In this photo: jonas brothers  nick jonas  joe jonas  misspell  mispell  disney  
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submission by fhaterz

submission by fhaterz

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In this photo: joe jonas  jonas brothers  black friday  shopping  
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